Beebo Doll Replica Crew Gifts – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Replica DC Legends of Tomorrow Beebo Dolls – A gift for the show’s crew!

We were contacted by a crew member who worked on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow television series who was looking for a prop-inspired crew gift! The Beebo doll has become a kind of quirky mascot for Legends of Tomorrow show since he first appeared in a season 3 episode and has been causing mayhem all over the DC/Arrowverse since then!

While the Beebo dolls look just like a 90’s got-to-get-it holiday toy, it was actually a character completely created for the show. It wasn’t something you could find in any store, so when looking for a special crew gift, it came to the team at TSD to create custom stuffed animal-style replicas. After Tom’s start in the puppet field, this was something we jumped at! We brought in an old friend, puppet builder and performer, James Wojtal, to work with us in crafting exact recreations of the dolls from the show.

The only reference we had to go with on these pieces were freeze frame images of the Beebo doll from the series. We also used the actors and set pieces to help us estimate sizing and work out his proportions and then set about hunting down the appropriate colors and fur style.

James created several prototypes until we found a design both our team and our client were happy with. Then we created our own army of Beebos! The TWENTY finished dolls were the perfect gift for some of the show’s creative team… and something you couldn’t find anywhere else!

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