Life Sized Custom Werewolf Statue aka “Wilbert”

A Life Sized Custom Werewolf Statue named Wilbert – A Wild Birthday Gift!

When you want to surprise his buddy with one incredible gift for his 50th birthday, you call TSD for a custom statue like no other! We received an email from a UK collector who had seen the werewolf figures that we have created previously and thought it seemed like the perfect present! He dubbed the wolf, “Wilbert” and who are we to disagree?

We started with some of the molds that we previously created to make our New Moon Werewolf statue. This gave us a similar body structure while maintaining the ability to customize the details of the figure to the client’s needs. Each time we make a 1:1 statue, we approach it as a unique creation. The pose, hands, feet, color and style were all customized for this new project. We discussed all of the style details with the client and then set about bringing their vision to life.

As with any 1:1 werewolf statue, inspiration was taken from some of Hollywood’s most famous lycanthropes! We looked to our favorite wolf-films like The Howling, Full Moon, Dog Soldiers, Wolves, and even classics like the Wolfman to create this imposing, life-sized creature statue!

We went further on customization and added one very specific bit of personalization to the figure. If you look closely, two of the claws on one foot are broken, a nod to an inside joke our client shared with the birthday boy. This is the benefit of a custom project versus something that is prefabricated, we can add unique and special details that only your project will have!

Artist Rich Riley created the body of the wolf using fiberglass and rigid foam, this kept the body sturdy yet relatively lightweight. Our custom werewolf statue also features a latex werewolf head and feet and resin hands cast and painted in movie prop style detail.  Custom terrifying red glass eyes, and acrylic/resin nails and teeth give the beast touches of terrifying realism.  Everything from the gloss on the teeth to the subtle paint job on the tongue and even dripping “drool” bring this howling creature to life!

 The hair was specially run movie FX quality fabric-backed hair from our favorite fur folks at National Fiber Technology. We mixed a stock blend for the wolf body with a custom blend for the mane, shoulders and chest. The two-tone color helps accent his lycanthrope-ish anatomy and gives him a powerful look! All of the hair was hand trimmed to a custom length in a hand trimmed length, varying from place to place on the statue to create a natural look and accent the musculature. The fur on the face was hand glued using loose hair, just a little at a time to create a natural hairline.

When the furry fellow was finished, we carefully crated the beast in a wood crate and then Wilbert the werewolf took his long journey across the pond to literally become… An American Werewolf in London! Talk about a unique gift!

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A few words from our client…

Just wanted to write personally to say my husband was absolutely thrilled with his Wolf!  Rob was speechless and I’ve never seen that! The dogs on the other hand are no so keen on the addition now named Wilbert to the family lol! Thanks again to your team for such a wonderful job!!

Lou, Private Collector