Alien Mask and Costume rentals for TBS Samantha Bee Show

Some familiar looking alien mask and costume rentals!

You may have seen our aliens in this TBS promo playing in theaters along with Star Wars, the Force Awakens.  Shooting in New York City’s La Caverna, a wonderfully cave themed bar, our alien mask and costume rentals appeared in the Star Wars cantina inspired parody commercial.  With only a few days of lead time, we created unique versions of several of our latex masks at our New York studio, using existing molds to make fresh alien castings that were finished with new and interesting paint and hair work.  We also provided 12 costume rentals to the shoot’s awesome costume designer, Candice Brittain.

Maria Teran was our on set wrangler, dressing our 5 alien actors and keeping an additional 15 or so creatures in and our of their masks and costumes during the day-long commercial shoot!

We love creating alien and creature costumes and masks for commercials and video productions, so if you need something unique for your next shoot, or for use in a theme park or home theater, just drop us a line!

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