Star Wars Alien Costumes for Nerdist “West Coast” Cantina Video

Star Wars Alien Costumes and Masks for Nerdist

Our Star Wars alien costumes and custom made masks brought us back to the famous Mos Eisley Cantina with Nerdist Industries for a music video. This time, we created 18 aliens (masks, hands, costumes), wigs and makeups and several additional “human” costumes for rental and use in the production.  Our team also wrangled for the shoot, dressing our characters and applying prosthetic makeup for Dr. Evazan.

The comedic music video stars Billy Dee Williams, Patton Oswalt, Jason Schwartzman, Chris Hardwick, Carrie Keagan and Chloe Dykstra and instead of the Cantina Band Song, it’s set to Schwartzman’s infectious “West Coast.”

We were able to re-use a small handful of Star Wars alien costumes and mask elements from our Volkswagen Star Wars cantina commercial for the Super Bowl work, but we still had plenty to make from scratch this time around, including recreating the infamous Greedo the Rodian, Nein Nunb (before he re-appeared in Star Wars, the Force Awakens!), Snaggletooth, Trinto Duaba aka Terminal Man, Bom Vimdin aka “Don Rickles”, Elis Helrot aka the Givin, the “saurian” or “crocker” aliens aka Bossk! and even the bith alien cantina band, right down to the instruments!

You’ll find some great pics on this page, including a few peeks at our New York studio during the speedy 5 week build process.  We had a lot of fun creating these characters and always look forward to the chance to work on officially sanctioned Star Wars projects!

Sadly, the video’s no longer live on Nerdist’s site, but the song remains caught in the heads of all who were on set that day!

CREDITS – Just some of the talented folks who helped create these masks, hands, makeups, wigs and Star Wars alien costumes:  Tom Spina, Brian Lewis, Patrick Louie, Mike Morello, Melissa Dooley, Theresa Spina, Casey Wong, Richard Riley, Mike Thomas, Robb DeNicola, Rich Krusell, Kitty Herbert, Colleen Newell, Michael Prete, Maria Teran, Steve Abbananto and Kim Tillman

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