Ewok Statue for The Biker Scout Helmet Charity Project

Yub Nub! An Ewok bust for the charity Biker Scout Helmet Project entitled “A Little Short for a Scout Trooper!”

When we were contacted to be a part of the The Biker Scout Helmet Project for the official Star Wars Celebration Europe, we jumped at the chance. Each artist was given a Scout Trooper Helmet and told to put their own unique spin on it. We decided that we wanted our art piece to look like an Ewok had found this helmet in the forests of Endor and had turned it into his own armor.

We started by carving the Ewok’s body out of EPS styrofoam this gave us a more solid base for our statue. We were able to vacuform and modify a mold of an Ewok face that Tom had previously sculpted as a support for a production mask, we sourced teeth molds from that same project. Then the face was hand painted to match the original look in the movie Return of the Jedi. We finished the body and head by adding acrylic fur, like Stuart Freeborn’s team did for the film.

We then began distressing and painting the helmet. Artist Patrick Louie added numerous dents and cuts to the helmet to give it an organic, natural distressed look. Although the cuts look like they were just added randomly they are actually carefully thought out and sketched on the helmet before any of the cutting actually began.  We intentionally gave the helmet a bit of a “jawbone” look, chopping a jagged edge into the sides of the faceplate. Once the pieces were all cut we began adding layers of different colors of paint to give it a naturally dirty and worn look. We also added areas of leather and feathers for a tribal vibe and turned the lens area of the helmet into separate goggles.

This and other one-of-a-kind creations were auctioned off to benefit Make-A-Wish UK as part of the Star Wars #‎ForceForChange campaign. The project was generously sponsored by The Replica Prop Forum and RS Prop Masters. The action raised about $35,ooo for the foundation and we are very happy to be  a part of it.

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