Life Size Star Wars Bust of Figrin D’an from the Cantina Band

A life size Star Wars bust for Sideshow Collectibles.

We created the prototypes for this officially licensed, life size Star Wars bust of a “Bith,” the famed aliens who made up the Mos Eisley cantina band for toy and collectible maker, Sideshow Collectibles.  Tom notes, “Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the amazing creatures in the cantina scene of Star Wars.  It’s what made me want to do what I do!  In particular, the band aliens had an amazing look, thanks to the incredibly talented Doug Beswick, one of the sculptors on Rick Baker’s crew for that film.  Many years later, I would meet Brian Lewis and we’d often discuss the intricacies of the various aliens in the scenes and marvel at the imaginative designs.

I’m proud of the work done by everyone who was a part of the project and it was a pleasure to work on a life size Star Wars bust with Sideshow Collectibles.  We hope that collectors appreciate the passion we have for these films and characters and that they enjoy the final product!  Now start up the cantina band song!”

Credits: Sculpture by Brian Lewis and Tom Spina, Molds by Rich Krusell, Paint by Tom Spina, Costume by Kitty Hebert, Special thanks to Bob Burns!

Please note – Prototype shown, the final product may be slightly different

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Figrin D'an Life-Size Bust