Life Size Alien Statue “Brian” for Exede Internet

Brian, a life size alien statue for Exede Internet.

We teamed with White Room Artifacts to create a life size alien statue to be used as a poseable photo puppet of “Brian the Alien” for Exede Internet, based on their mascot and commercial character.  We’ve been looking for the chance to work with our friend Don Bies’ amazing company, White Room Artifacts, and when Exede came to us looking to create a photo-puppet version of their commercial alien character, Brian, we knew this was just the thing.

To recreate the original puppet as a lifesized statue without access to the original molds, we knew we’d need top talent and Don’s crew brought years of film experience to the project. The character is created in highly realistic platinum silicone with a custom welded armature, and a mounting point for a stand in his back, and can be posed at all major joints, even fingers, and will be a part of new photo campaigns by the Exede company.

The folks at Exede were amazing to work with and knew their character well!  Their input and direction along the way was a huge help in capturing the right expression for Brian and giving him a happy, friendly look.  Thanks to everyone at White Room Artifacts for their amazing work on this project!

This sort of life sized statue can be used for marketing campaigns, photo-ops, a trade show booth, in a museum or to promote any business!  We can work from your sketches or logo, or can be commissioned to dream up new concepts and characters just for you!

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A few words from our client…

“Tom & Don,  The Brian puppet arrived yesterday and we had a chance to put him on his stand – we are very impressed with the sculpture!  You’ve exceeded our expectations and recreated a nearly perfect copy of the original animatronic puppet.  The craftsmanship on the sculpture is impeccable, and it wasn’t until seeing it in person that we were able to truly appreciate the work that your team did.  Thank you again for all of your hard work!”

Nate Baldwin Graphic Designer, Exede Internet