Life Sized Boba Fett Statue for Sideshow Collectibles

A life sized Boba Fett statue for Sideshow Collectibles

We created the prototypes for this officially licensed Boba Fett statue, now up for sale as a licensed Star Wars product by Sideshow Collectibles!  

After sculpting the Figrin D’an bust for Sideshow Collectibles, TSD once again worked with their incredible team to expand their life-sized Star Wars offerings.  The goal was to create an extremely accurate and lifelike Boba Fett statue that looked like it came right out of the movie. With the massively complex costume, prototyping this custom mannequin was no small undertaking!

Originally revealed at San Diego Comic Con, everyone involved in creating this life-sized statue are proud to finally showcase this piece after many months of effort.  You’ll find full details on the Side Show Collectibles website (click the banner below to view their item page) but many people worked extremely hard to create this statue and all of the intricate details of Boba Fett’s Empire Strikes Back costume:

Chris Jones created the custom mannequin body and mandolorian armor. Rich Krusell created the movie accurate boots (and wore them while we molded his feet!). Brian Lewis, Mike Thomas, Patrick Louie, Melissa Dooley and Tom Spina refined the parts for production and created some of the accessories such as the “wookiee” scalps and cape. Mike Mason provided masters for the blasters. Christian Hill provided the jetpack master. Tony Turner and Kitty Hebert tackled the soft goods and belts. Richard Riley was our inspiration for the base design. Alex Alva, Jason Miller and the “New Wookiee Workshop” did the final assembly and paint and the Sideshow design team added their own finishing touches.

Special thanks to Philip Wise and also to Art Andrews for his help in fining great rare reference photos of the original Boba Fett movie costume! Also thanks to the good folks at for use of their photos from SDCC!  Please note – Prototype shown, the final product may be slightly different

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Boba Fett Star Wars Life-Size Figure