Gonk Droid Costume for the Star Wars Show

A custom, wearable Gonk Droid costume made for the Star Wars Show’s Holiday Special.

We were contacted by our friends over at the Star Wars Show to create a custom wearable gonk droid costume, for one of their most recent (and hilarious) Holiday Special. Being huge fans of both Star Wars and of the infamous 1978 Holiday Special which only ever aired one time, we jumped at the chance to help them out.  We’ve worked with the amazing Lucasfilm online team several times before, creating custom alien costumes and masks for May the 4th video projects and again providing costumes and aliens for the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim live feed.   We’re always thrilled to hear from them, as it usually means something cool is in the works!

In this case, we were asked to create a life sized (slightly oversized, actually, to allow for a larger range of actors to wear the costume), Gonk or Power Droid to be used on the weekly online Star Wars Show.  Our gonk’s body is created from plastic bins, much the way the original 1977 film props were made.  To give it a realistic and proper Star Wars style, it was painted and distressed to give the look of worn and rusted metal. We tried to use a similar approach that the original creators of many of the iconic props of Star Wars used originally. We used several types of found items and repurposed them to recreate the parts of the power droid. Those parts were also give a similar paint treatment, so that they blended in with the rest of the costume.

In this particular episode of the show, our droid costume shows up as a holographic “Gonkerson Starship” (a take on Jefferson Starship’s role in the infamous Holiday Special!)

We were very excited to see that the Gonk droid also made a second cameo on the August 23, 2017 episode of The Star Wars Show. We hope the boxy power droid makes some future appearances on the show!  We’ll all have to stay tuned to see!

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