Pics and Video from Star Wars Celebration!

Pics and Video from Star Wars Celebration Chicago with our sister company, Regal Robot!

What an incredible show Star Wars Celebration Chicago was! In addition to the Regal Robot booth, Tom was invited as a guest and was seen on three panels and several on-camera interviews throughout the 5 day show. As always, one of the highlights was the Behind the Scenes of the Cantina panel, co-hosted by Amy Ratcliffe this year, where the pair shared rare and never before seen photos and video. A lucky fan by the name of Kenneth Haynie even had a previously unnamed character from the cantina scene named after him!

Our SWS 1013 t-shirt cannon from the last Star Wars Celebration made an appearance and was fired by JJ Abrams, Daisy Ridley, Warwick Davis, Oscar Isaac and many more! And they debuted an all-new cannon made by our studio, themed to the upcoming Disney+ streaming show, The Mandalorian! A video montage below shows the fun that was had!

Tom was also featured on the Star Wars Show’s Celebration live stream and we have video from both a tour of our booth and products, and an on-stage interview with Max Scoville and a special appearance by Joonas Suotamo himself (Chewbacca from the sequel trilogy)!

Speaking of Chewbacca, Tom was extremely fortunate to spend a few quality moments with the original Chewie, the late, great Peter Mayhew. Matthew Egan from the Peter Mayhew Foundation (please visit and donate!) arranged for Peter to see the new life-sized Chewbacca bust that Tom sculpted for Regal Robot. “It was an incredible, magical moment and Peter was delighted by the work. We’ve only just lost him and it’s still hard to believe he’s gone. I feel so fortunate to have had this time with him at the show!” – Tom

Please check out the gallery of images from the show to get a taste of what it was like there, and we hope you enjoy the videos below!

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