Ron Perlman Hellboy Costume Custom Mannequin

Custom themed mannequin for an original, movie-worn Ron Perlman Hellboy costume

We were contacted by a client to create a custom display mannequin for their screen used Ron Perlman Hellboy costume. They were looking for a display that turned the costume into a life size statue that looked like the character walked right off of the movie screen!

We created a custom muscular mannequin to help support and display Ron Perlman’s full costume from the 2004 film. It had to match the measurements and body style of the actor to fit the costume correctly. Between Hellboy’s “Right Hand of Doom”, his heavy leather coat, his tail and the rest of his costume pieces the mannequin need to be able to safely balance and support a lot of additional weight too! That’s why we alway recommend going with a custom mannequin, because most standard mannequins don’t account for heavy costume pieces… or tails.

To recreate Hellboy’s face and head we started with a life cast of Ron Perlman that we were able to source. As this was for a “death” scene, the head casting had a bit of an extreme expression. We modified the head extensively and fit it with custom acrylic eyes and the screen used teeth. We applied the production made foam latex appliances much like they would have on set, being sure to blend the edges to create a virtually seamless finish. Screen used examples of Hellboy’s iconic “broken” horns from later in the film were mounted on the head. To complete the bust, we hand laid all of his facial hair and customized a wig to create his signature hair style.

The final touch was a hand carved foam base to look stone complete with carved details to echo Guillermo del Toro’s signature style. We hard coated the foam and then we hand painted layers of paint for a truly dynamic custom mannequin and the ultimate Hellboy costume display!

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