Hellboy Costume & Ivan Puppet Custom Display

Custom themed display for an original, movie-worn Rob Perlman Hellboy costume and Ivan puppet.

We were contacted by our client to create a custom display for their screen used Hellboy costume and life sized animatronic Ivan puppet. They were looking for a display that turned the costume into a life size statue that looked like a still from the film. We took inspiration from the graveyard scene where Ivan first appeared.

We created a custom muscular mannequin to help support and display Ron Perlman’s full costume from the 2004 film.  We had to recreate the physique of the character and also attach the screen used foam latex stunt mask which was included with the costume.  Within the mask, we installed custom acrylic eyes and movie used teeth!  With many mannequins the support post that keeps them standing runs out of one of the feet, but since these were the screen used boots we wanted to keep them intact so we customized the mannequin so the support post actually runs up the pant leg. If you look at the pictures very closely you might be able to spot it!

The Ivan puppet was relatively heavy due to the animatronic controls inside, so we had to come up with a way to display the puppet in an interesting way and more importantly a way which will help preserve the puppet. We designed a support system that runs up Ivan’s back. This support makes the puppet look like he is hanging in the noose, when there is actually no stress being put on the puppet’s neck.  Special thanks to Tony Turner for recreating Ivan’s shirt, which we then weathered and distressed to blend with the other screen used wardrobe.

We then created a carved foam base to look liker the muddy ground in the graveyard and a tombstone. We hard coated the foam and then we hand painted layers of paint and finished it off with faux moss and stone for a truly dynamic custom mannequin and the ultimate Hellboy costume display!

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