Snaggletooth Star Wars Costume Display Mannequin

A custom mannequin created for an original Snaggletooth Star Wars costume used in the 1977 film’s classic cantina scene!

This original Snaggletooth Star Wars costume was a simple shirt and trousers prior to our work.  We took those screen used elements and turned them into a life-sized statue of the character seen on film in the Mos Eisley cantina bar scene and the Mos Eisley streets.  A customized fiberglass mannequin was modified to fit the costume’s size to ensure that the costume would be properly supported and look accurate to the look seen on film. The actor in the original film appears approximately 5’6” compared to other actors in photos with him, which meant the mannequin had to be brought down to that height. We also added Snaggletooth’s hunched back to the mannequin. We finished the statue with a pair of realistically painted urethane human hands (a weird trait for an alien!).

The boots were sourced and distressed to complete the costume, along with the ascot. The Snaggletooth latex mask was created by sculptor Tom Spina and hand painted with added hair to match the original film costume’s mask. Eventually, that mask was screen used in a Billy Dee Williams music video! We used whatever reference was available at the time and came up with a very faithful recreation of the Stuart Freeborn created Star Wars alien.  The cantina dwellar’s signature singular tooth was actually a production created piece which was saved by Freeborn and added to the statue, adding another authentic element to the display and another link to the film.

The custom mannequin stands on a sleek black museum style base to give the display a finished look while keeping the focus on this incredibly rare costume.  A standard mannequin would’ve never displayed a movie costume like this well, and our custom work turned this into a life sized wax museum style figure of a classic Star Wars alien!

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