Star Trek Shinzon Movie Costume Custom Display

A custom wax museum style display for an original Star Trek Shinzon costume from the film Star Trek:Nemesis.

This display statue was created for a screen used Star Trek Shinzon costume worn by Tom Hardy as Patrick Stewart’s clone in the final Star Trek The Next Generation film, Nemesis. Our client was looking to create a wax museum style figure for this impressive costume.  We discussed all of the aspects of the display with our client to ensure that we would create a display that he would love while also being sure that the costume was being properly supported and not overly stretched. We chose Tom Hardy’s look toward the end of the film where he is supposed to be aging rapidly and deteriorating due to the cloning process in the film. This gave us a way to do something more than a standard wax figure of the actor and incorporate the look of the special effects makeup at the end of the film.  It also gave the finished display a more dramatic look.

Sculptor Steven Richter started by sculpting the head for the display.  Since it was a younger Tom Hardy we had to use several photos as reference along with a more recent life cast of Hardy which gave us a better idea of his bone structure and facial anatomy. Once the sculpture was finished it was molded and cast in resin. We added custom sickly and cloudy eyes. The mannequin’s new head was completed by adding with a pale paint job giving the prominent sculpted veins a faint bluish color.  In addition to the sculpted head we created a pair of hands. We stared with a life casting of Tom’s (Spina, not Hardy!) actual hands, and then modified them with a set of long sickly and yellow finger nails. We also gave the hands a paint job to match the head.

While Steven was working on the sculpture Tom and Christine Richter began creating the display body. The tight fitting suit made it a challenge to use a rigid mannequin so we opted for a soft foam body form. When it came time to get Shinzon to stand on his own we had to get a little creative. Usually we are able to run the support post for the mannequin up the pants leg but Shinzon’s boots ran over his pant legs. In order to avoid cutting any holes into the costume we created a post that ran under his cape with a strap around his chest that was hidden by his jacket.

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