Star Trek Jake Sisko Costume Custom Mannequin

A custom mannequin for a Jake Sisko costume from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

A custom mannequin to display this screen worn Jake Sisko costume. Played by Cirroc Lofton, Jake is the son of Benjamin Sisko(Avery Brooks), commander of the station on the 1990’s Star Trek TV series, Deep Space 9.

This project began like all others, with an in depth discussion with our client to hear their hopes for the display, how much space they had to devote and their budget, etc. The client also had several other costume displays that they wanted to match in style, so we chose to create minimalistic black, headless mannequins rather than realistic sculpted actors or anything too much like a wax figure. For screen used costumes like this, that’s often what we recommend, as realistic heads can sometimes distract from the costume.

The costume was worn by Cirroc Lofton in the first two seasons of the show. Lofton was 14-15 at the time and going through rapid growth spurts making his height and other measurements difficult to pinpoint. This is a perfect example of why we base our mannequins on the specific costume and not the measurements of an actor. We worked backwards from the sizing of the costume, to ensure that the mannequin would not just match the actor’s size at the time of filming, but also nicely support and display the costume. This is why we need to have the costumes in our studio while we are working on displays, to ensure that perfect fit.

The resulting custom sized fiberglass form is a simple and elegant display for a costume that would never fit a standard retail mannequin.

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