Thirteen Ghosts Withered Lover Custom Mannequin & Costume Display

Thirteen Ghosts Withered Lover custom mannequin – turning an original movie costume into a wax museum style figure!

We have previously created several custom display mannequins for our client’s expansive Thirteen Ghosts movie costume collection. When he asked us to create this display for his screen-worn Thirteen Ghosts Withered Lover costume we were very excited to get the chance to check another one of the ghosts off our list!  In life the Withered Lover was Arthur Kriticos’ (Tony Shalhoub) wife, Jean and died as a result of injuries from a fire. Unlike most of the ghosts in the 2001 film she is not violent and is only looking to protect her family. We tried to capture a forlorn look in her expression, to match the overall feel of her character in the movie.

Our client had the actor’s body hospital gown slippers and bodysuit from the film. To keep the project on-budget, we repainted a female body form and focussed on the custom head sculpture and accessories to capture the spirit of the character. We sourced a real IV pole, IV bags and applied bandages, adding fake blood to create a display similar to the look of Jean’s ghost in the film.

The half-burned bust was hand sculpted by TSD collaborator, Ron Tiller in clay, using photos of the actress as well as photos from the film. The trick with doing any of the 13 Ghosts figures is that much of the film is made with flashing, spooky lighting which can make finding clear reference photos a challenge, but it’s a challenge that TSD is always up for! The head was cast in translucent silicone and hand painted. It was detailed with special fx grade eyes and hand punched brows and lashes. A wig was customized to create her hair and that was further matted on the “burned” side of her face. The result is a shockingly realistic wax-style museum figure that looks like it stepped off the screen!

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