Thirteen Ghosts Jackal Custom Mannequin & Costume Display

Thirteen Ghosts Jackal custom mannequin – turning an original movie costume into a wax museum figure!

We’ve gotten the opportunity to create quite a few custom display mannequins for our client’s expansive Thirteen Ghosts costume collection. We’ve turned quite a few of his screen used costumes into wax style statues!  This time we were able to create a custom statue to display the iconic Thirteen Ghosts Jackal costume.

Frequently one of the challenges that we face, especially with these Thirteen Ghost statues, is finding reference photos to help us create the statues. We usually have to use a combination of screen grabs as well as watching scenes from the film and any behind the scenes video available multiple times to learn one small detail. Once all of the details are figured out we can begin bringing the ghosts to life…so to speak!

TSD sculptor Steven Richter began this statue by sculpting the head at life sized by hand, in clay.  He had to make sure that the head was not just a match for his onscreen persona but also that it fit into the head cage and matched the sizing of the costume and custom mannequin we were creating for the figure. We finished the sculpture with a pair of mismatched custom eyes, matching the actor’s mismatched contacts and a spooky paint scheme and wild mane of hair.

For the Jackal’s body we created a customized mannequin, specifically giving him a wild and slightly off balance pose.  We added custom sculpted nails and gave the entire body a sickly pale and dirty skin tone.  We also added some scratches, and blood which fit into the Jackal’s backstory. Since our client was missing the pants from the original costume we sourced a pair of similar pants and then distressed them to blend perfectly with the original movie costume.  Yet another wicked display from a film filled with imaginative designs!

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