X-Men Juggernaut Custom Costume Display

Our custom mannequin and themed display for a screen used X-Men Juggernaut movie costume from the third X-men film.

We were sent the torso muscle suit worn by Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut in 2006’s X-Men 3, the Last Stand for some repairs and a custom mannequin with a themed base.  Finding a display for just this portion of the X-men Juggernaut costume wasn’t an easy task!  We decided to create something that reflected the scene where Kitty Pride sinks the Juggernaut into the floor as a way to create a display for a costume without legs.

Our first step was to create a custom mannequin torso to support the screen used muscle suit. We had to had to custom fit the mannequin so that it would support the costume much like Jones’ body did. This is important not only for the appearance of the suit, but it also helps to preserve the foam by keeping it’s original shape. Often this means carving down the form to fit within snug foam latex creature costumes (or muscle suits, like this one!).  The costume had suffered some minor post production damage from handling and storage. Some of the piece of the suit had become stuck together and there a few areas where the foam had cracked. We carefully patched any of the ares were the foam had cracked or torn and touched up the paint in areas that had been repaired to match them to the surrounding original material.

For the themed base, we imagined that the Juggernaut would have to be dug out of the cement and created a carved foam base to tell that tale. The carved foam base has the look of cement with a textured floor surface and we finished it off with a large faux metal X style logo on the front of the base to help ID the piece.

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