AVP Grid Alien Mask Themed Display

A custom themed display for a screen worn AVP Grid Alien mask from the 2004 sci-fi thriller, Alien vs. Predator.

We have had the opportunity over the years to work on a handful of Alien pieces but we always love when we get the chance to create themed bases for these props.  This AVP Grid Alien mask from Alien vs. Predator was no exception! When this piece arrived to our New York studio the piece was in fairly good condition, however the neck did need a little bit of repair. On this mask the neck was made of foam latex and over the years the weight of the head had weakened and torn the foam in a few places. Before we displayed the piece we needed to repair the small damage to his neck. Then we created a stand which allowed any pressure to be taken off of the neck.

We used a similar style for the display base as some of our other Alien movie prop displays. Taking inspiration from the classical industrial look of the original Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986) movies. We used rusty, metal looking pipes, rusty metal grids and black and yellow striped paint to evoke the look of the space ships from the first two Alien films.  The pipes and the grid were completely hand painted and distressed to give them a realistic worn look so they looked like they belonged in the film. We also added areas of melted grid as a nod to the Alien’s signature acidic saliva.

When the client got the finished display home they decided they wanted to feature it under their television. They loved the display but felt that they extra area looked like it was missing a little something,  so we created a few extra pipes so that to look like they were coming directly out of the wall and from behind the television, a final finishing touch on a very cool Alien movie prop mask display!

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