Evil Dead II Cabin Model Restoration and Display

Restoration and a custom display for an Evil Dead II cabin miniature from the 1987 sequel “Dead by Dawn” starring Bruce Campbell.

Cult classic alert! This Evil Dead II cabin model arrived to our NY studio looking a bit run down and in need of repair. Of course, most of that was by design but there were definitely a few areas that needed our attention. Some concerns were simply aging materials, others due to the piece being moved. The fragile model had some separated beams/roofing and the porch had taken a bit of damage in shipping, coming completely off the model. The chimney and swing were also damaged.

While we’re most known for our restoration of foam latex movie props and masks, we do also handle model repair and this we were honored to be entrusted with this iconic element from a classic flick! As we do beginning any conservation, we carefully examined and documented the prop cabin miniature from the film and located many of the detached pieces. We also made a neat discovery during this process. Inside one of the model cabin’s windows, there was originally a human form, to give the silhouette of someone in the cabin. When we got inside the prop, we found that dreaded, scary form in the window was none other than… a vintage Obi Wan Kenobi Kenner action figure!

Patrick Louie, one of our senior movie prop restoration artists, was responsible for for conserving this piece of film history. He worked for days to reattach any loose items, including General Kenobi.  With all of those elements, we managed to keep this prop nearly entirely original. Where some minor bits were missing, we discussed that with the client, and with our client’s OK, Pat replicated those using the closest modern materials. Each was then aged and placed to ensure that they blended in seamlessly with the rest of the original material.

Our client located an amazing vintage table to use on this display. It was originally a chess table, shaped like (or perhaps from) gnarled tree branches! Ricky Vitus worked on converting that cool vintage table into a themed diorama to display the cabin filming model. He added a wider top and stained edge trim to the perimeter of the table. Over that came the the look of dirt and vegetation, leaving a depression to perfectly fit the cabin. A creepy tree punctuates the horrific setting and the client sent us a mini “flipping the bird” detatched hand and Book of the Dead to put on the swing on the porch. A final touch was LED lighting inside the house, which really gave the display a polished look… and helped make old Ben’s silhouette in the window pop!

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Sam Raimi's sequel finds Ash (Bruce Campbell) battling another batch of possessed pals at a remote cabin.

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