Two-Face Makeup Appliances Tommy Lee Jones Bust

A custom display bust for a set of original Batman Forever Two-Face makeup appliances made for Tommy Lee Jones.

An appliance display for a classic Bat-Villain! These Two-Face makeup appliances were originally created for the Batman Forever film by Rick Baker’s Cinovation studio and were sent to our NY studio for a custom display.  The foam latex prosthetics were purchased through Prop Store’s Rick Baker: Monster Maker Auction.  Artist Steven Richter sculpted a custom bust of Tommy Lee Jones, on which he then mounted the movie prop appliances. Both sides of his face had to be sculpted accurately to Jones’ features so that the appliances would lay correctly on the finished sculpture and look the way they did on the actor.

To give the bust a more realistic look it was cast in translucent resin, which gave the finished piece the look of real skin (similar to the way wax or silicone might look). Glass eyes were also added, as was hand laid hair, in several different colors to capture the wacky villains visage!  The Two-Face makeup appliances were all then carefully applied and the edges blended out for a seamless look.  Since the foam latex prosthetics were pre-painted by studio effects artists during production, they only required slight paint touch up and blending around the edges of the pieces. We also sealed the foam latex pieces to help preserve their condition for years to come

Steven added custom clothing elements which were hand painted to ensure a screen accurate look and complete this doubly special movie prop display!

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