Alien sculpture home theater art

A custom hand carved alien sculpture as home theater art inspired by sci-fi horror classics.

One of our clients was looking for a unique way to display their love of  xenomorph style aliens. We came up with this one of a kind alien sculpture for over the fireplace. We wanted something that would pay tribute to the classic alien film ships and architecture, but we, of course, couldn’t resist adding a little bit of slime!  The end result is a one of a kind piece that’s at home over a mantle or on a home theater wall. Truly unique, movie inspired custom sculptural art!

 Lead artist on the project Richard Riley, designed the piece so that it could be displayed with or without the H.R Giger inspired alien biomechanics, depending on how the client was feeling at the moment. Rich began by carving the basic shape out of foam, which was hard coated for durability and to capture a smooth surface. To that he added pipes, tubes and other sci-fi looking greeblies. Much like set builders did in the 1970’s, we used several found items, that were tweaked or used in a unique way so that they looked like they belonged on our custom sculpted space ship. Everything was then give a distressed paint treatment.

The organic part of our sculpture drew inspiration from classic biomechanical movie aliens.  These pieces were fabricated in a mixed media approach, using carved foam, epoxies, plastics and silicone. Using multiple mediums gave us the ability to create several very different textures within one piece. This gave the alien its authentic finish and added depth to a wonderful, one of a kind piece of home theater art!

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