300 Movie Prop “Tree of Death” Display

Spartans, prepare for gory… uh, we mean, glory! A custom faux stone facade for a screen used 300 movie prop.

This original 300 movie prop which was known as “Tree of Death” was acquired by one of our clients who was looking for a unique display for it. However for this piece it was a particular challenge as the tree by itself was about 8 ft tall and about 400 lbs. The piece was so large just to get it into the client’s house a removable wall had to be installed. Since the prop tree was so tall a base would likely make it too tall for the room not to mention the fact that all 400 lbs would have to be lifted to get it on a base. We decided to go with a facade for the front of the prop, to give the look of a themed base and create a plaque of sorts to tell viewers what film the prop was used in.

We created this faux stone facade out of EPS styrofoam. It was carved to look like the sharp rock cliff featured through out the film. Since the piece really did not require any sort of “introduction” we felt that an actual plaque was not necessary. But we wanted to reference the film so on the center we carved the movie’s 300 logo. We then coated the base for durability and and even more realistic rocky texture.  We created the rocky look with  several layers of paint and focusing on the crevices for a more dramatic look. We finished the display by giving the 300 logo a coat of bright red paint with a bit of its signature blood splatter.

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