Death Star Tiles for Star Wars Custom Home Theater

We combined movie models and movie props to create these Death Star tiles as well decor!

In creating these themed death star tiles props, we recently helped add some exciting details to the theater in an incredible estate home.

The client was looking to create a home theater with the look and feel of being on a starship.  We suggested themed three dimensional tiles inspired by the Star Wars Death Star trench and surfaces as a wainscot of sorts, running under the screen and along the lower walls and steps.  These would give a sense of “tech” to the decor and, while recognizable to the avid fan, they would not be an over the top, obvious themed element.  The end result blends wonderfully, with our pieces being a subtle accent, just one part of a large and awe-inspiring themed home theater.

The tiles were created the old fashioned way, kit bashing model kits and fabricating by hand.  No 3D printing or rapid prototyping at all!  Once they were sculpted, each design was molded for casting in resin and foam.

And while we were there, we built more than few custom mannequins to help our client display his Star Wars movie costume collection.  Each of those displays received a custom themed base in a metal laminate so the collection feels cohesive, and custom posed mannequin bodies which we modified to fit each of the costumes he owned.  We turned a storage unit full of costumes, into a massive home theater full of life sized statues!

Credits: Decorative Tile Prototyping by Brian Lewis. Molding, Casting and Painting by Lonnie Hale. Installation by Victor Brown.  Custom mannequins and costume displays created by the entire Tom Spina Designs team.  This amazing estate home and theater were designed by the incredibly creative and talented Victor Brown.

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