Never Hike Alone Jason Voorhees Costume Display

A custom display for a Jason Voorhees costume from “Never Hike Alone”

A custom mannequin and display base for a Jason Voorhees costume from the high end fan film “Never Hike Alone.”  The character of Jason Voorhees is always portrayed by a larger actor and so the mannequin needs to customized to fit his looming figure. This client not only had Jason’s costume from the film, they also had a silicone set of hands and cowl, as well as his axe.

We created this mannequin to fit and support this specific costume, not merely based the actor’s body measurements. Trying to create a mannequin just based on the actor’s measurements can leave open many opportunities for inconstancies.  If the fabric had stretched over time, and humans are more elastic than mannequins, which can change exactly how the costumes fit. This is why we need to have the costumes in our studio while we are working on displays, to ensure that perfect fit and drape!

When it came to the base we had our resident horror expert Pat do what he does best!  He created the base with planks of wood which were patched together and distressed to give it a rustic old cabin on the lake feel. Then gave the entire base a grimy paint scheme. Instead of adding a plaque to the display we carved “Camp Crystal Lake” right into the base, echoing elements from the film’s promos. There was only one detail it was missing… lots of blood splatter! It is Jason, after all!

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