Custom Star Trek Desk Inspired by Movie & TV Sets

Inspired by the classic shows and movies, a Star Trek desk for recording studio!

A sci-fi themed desk evoking the feel of classic Star Trek.  For years, Tom was a fan of the blog, Dave’s Geeky Ideas and he reached out to Dave Delisle, the wildly creative designer who owns the blog in hopes that someday we could collaborate on a themed furniture project.  This custom Star Trek desk was it!

This custom desk was an ideal chance for a great collaboration. Our client asked us to come up with a desk for the lobby/reception area of her recording studio that drew inspiration, without being a specific replica of anything, from the bridge of the various incarnations of the Enterprise. We immediately envisioned an iPad station styled like the 60’s Star Trek’s computer terminals, and then brought in Dave to get his unique take and flesh out the theme.

Dave created absolutely amazing concepts and explored some cool ideas. The client loved one in particular and we focused in on the task of bringing that desk design to life in custom millwork (i.e.: wood cabinetry). Naturally, translating the design to real life (and on budget) required some slight tweaks, but we captured the feel of Dave’s space age designs and gave our client something special.

The completed custom Trek inspired desk features two drawers and a keyboard pull-out, a hidden power station inside the main tube and even a unique brush top channel to keep the desktop free of wires and clutter.  And of course, it has that TOS inspired iPad station!  Big thanks to Dave Delisle for his imagination and to our good friends at SMS Millwork for their help bringing this to life!  Are you looking for your own one-of-a-kind piece of movie-themed furniture?  Need a custom desk or coffee table for your man cave that brings to mind your favorite movie or show?

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