Cerberus Three Headed Dog Statue & Faux Stone Base

A custom Cerberus three headed dog statue with a hand carved faux stone.

Cerberus three headed dog statue, a life sized foam sculpture!  This mythological beast is described as the guardian of the gates to the Underworld, allowing the souls of the dead to enter but never leave. Our client was looking to create a custom statue with a carved faux stone base to create a dynamic diorama for a mythology museum.  The beast is made from a mix of hand carved foam, foam taxidermy forms and faux fur.

The base was hand carved to create the perfect search for this guard dog to stand on to give him a more intimidating look. We also added lighting into the rock sculpture to give the entire display a more dramatic look when on display.  We can create custom characters or environments for your trade show, store window display, or even for your home or home theater!  We love creating mythological or movie themed sculptures in foam, and coming up with cool ways to bring classic theming and faux stone work into people’s businesses or homes.

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