Max Rebo Band – Star Wars Statues

The Max Rebo Band as life sized statues, hand carved from foam!

A trio of custom foam character sculptures inspired by the classic Max Rebo band featured in Jabba the Hutt’s palace in the film Star Wars, Return of the Jedi. These EPS foam statues were created by sculptor Richard Riley as a personal project for a home theater display.  They’re so detailed, you’d never believe they were made from styrofoam!  Rich took inspiration from the original puppets and costumes worn in the production of the movie.  He worked hard to keep the sculptures faithful to those movie costumes and props.  He was sure to capture not just the look of the aliens in his statues, but the feel and style of the props and costumes used to bring them to life in 1983!

Businesses, while these particular figures aren’t for sale, they are a great example of the life-sized statues and characters we can create!  Let us turn foam into statues for your office or retail space, photo op or trade show booth!

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