Reddit Logo Snoo Alien Life Sized Foam Statue

Reddit Logo or Snoo Alien Life Sized Foam Statue

This hand carved foam character was the brain child of the folks at the outstanding This is Why I’m Broke website.  They credit much of their site’s success to support from the site Reddit and wanted to do something special for Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and his company. Their idea? A giant Reddit Snoo alien life sized foam  statue made as a gift!

Our client’s concept was to have us create the Reddit Snoo alien logo as a life sized theme park style character, yet as one of the “Knights of /New” (Reddit users will no doubt know that term), complete with “downvote” sword!

We did so with our usual attention to detail and Richard Riley was our lead foam artist on this project.  The sculpture was created from hardcoated hand-carved EPS foam and other materials, and Rich included lots of weathering and movie fx style realism.

To complete the piece, which stands nearly 8 feet tall, we fabricated a detailed faux rock pedestal, as if the alien figure is perched on a mountain top, ready to strike!  A character like this (perhaps your company’s logo or mascot?) would be great for a retail display or to grab attention as a photo-op in your theme park or trade show booth.

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A few words from our client…

“It was an incredible experience to be a part of, and working with Tom’s team was probably the best experience we’ve ever had collaborating with another company. They kept us up to date on the project constantly, they easily understood what our goals were, and they really valued our input and implemented it into the design”

For Adam’s full review, please visit his website and read today!

Adam Freedman - founder