Ghostbusters Terror Dog Statue Movie Prop Restoration

The original Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer, Ghostbusters Terror Dog Statue movie prop from 1984 comedy.

This original, screen used Ghostbusters Terror Dog Statue is a giant foam prop that was used in the classic film. The very large prop was made from a dense foam with a coating, built in a way similar to some of the theme prop work we do in the shop.  We combined our skills in sculpting/carving and restoration to rebuild the areas of this fragile prop that were lost to time.

The first thing that struck us about the Vinz Clortho Terror Dog Statue when it arrived in our studio for conservation was the size!  Look at the images with our crew in the gallery and you’ll see just how sizable this movie prop was.  We began by sealing and stabilizing the exposed foam, allowing us to build on top of those areas and resculpt the missing textures.  We re-attached one tooth that was included when the prop arrived, and recreated a few missing teeth.  We then focused quite a bit of time on the various horns that had broken off during post-production storage.  Some of these were carved by hand in rigid foam, then textured with a hard coat.  Others were sculpted in clay for molding in silicone, then casting in resin and foam.

Once all the horns were in place, we set about in-painting the damage.  As always, we took great care to focus our paint work in the areas that were repaired, maintaining as much original paint as possible.  Look closely at the photos and you’ll see the paint work included speckled off-white and gray, and layers of distressing and drips, all of which we needed to incorporate into our repairs for a seamless blend.  The final restored statue is an instantly recognizable (and sizable!) piece of movie history from one of our favorite comedies!

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