Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume Head Restoration & Display

An original Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume head from the climatic rooftop scene in 1984’s paranormal comedy Ghostbusters.

We love Ghostbusters!  We’ve had the great opportunity to work with a few props from the film. You may have seen our work restoring an original Slimer maquette or our unique display for an original Stay Puft under-skull.  Our friends at Propstore of London uncovered this amazing Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume head which was used during the pyro effects work seen in the climax of the film.

At one time, this had a special skin which was burned off during production. Any remnants of that were gone when it arrived in our hands, but the piece remained undeniably recognizable to anyone who’s ever seen or even heard of the film!  Our client asked us to do a few things – reinforce the fragile plaster in several areas, create a themed base, and make a giant hat!

We did so in a way that the hat isn’t permanently mounted to the original movie prop, and our themed base evokes the feel of the temple at the top of the building from the movie’s final scene. We love finding unique ways to add context and theming to our displays.  The right display can help make your original movie props shine and even add value.  We had a lot of fun creating this display and look forward to our next chance to play in the world of Ghostbusters!

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To see more about the Mr. Stay Puft's transformation check out the video below!