Lord of the Rings Orc Makeup Prop Mask Restoration

This original Lord of the Rings Orc makeup mask was used in Return of the King…

and arrived in our studio with a fair amount of damage. Each Lord of the Rings Orc makeup prosthetic was fairly unique, and it’s quite rare to find one in a private collection.  For this particular movie prop mask, the foam and latex mask had been torn during removal from the actor, leaving numerous tears and a large split up the back of it. To begin our restoration work, the back split was repaired and patched internally. Several of the smaller smaller foam latex cracks repaired on the face and head of the mask.  The slip latex ears were reattached to the Orc mask and blended to give a seamless transition. After some light paint touch up, we combined the LOTR Orc makeup with some original acrylic special effects teeth from the movie and mounted it all on a customized version of our deluxe foam display head with acrylic riser, and this piece of movie prop history now shines!

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