Hellraiser Movie Props Display

A Horror Inspired Themed Display for a set of Hellraiser Movie Props

Our client sent us several awesome Hellraiser movie props and was looking for a cohesive way to displays all of them together in his collection. He provided us with a Pinhead foam latex makeup test bust (mounted on a stone lifecast of Doug Bradley) as well as a screen used robot head from Hellraiser IV, Bloodline. He also provided us with a replica of the puzzle box from the film to incorporate into the display as an iconic element of the Hellraiser series.

Before we started to create the display, we had a little bit of conservation work to do for the Pinhead bust. Overall the foam latex head was in really good condition given its age. It was, however, missing some of its iconic “pins,” which we recreated and attached wherever needed. Additional work was focused on sealing the foam latex to help slow the hands of time, and doing some very minor touch up to the foam makeup pieces.

For the display we wanted to create something that would bring the props together cohesively. Taking inspiration from the Hellraiser films and their gory and industrial aesthetic, we created a riser that would fit all items and decorated that with chains, dangerous looking hooks and metal-look grating. The faux metal pieces were given layers of imitation grime and aging to create a perfect distressed backdrop and showcase for the Hellraiser movie props. It wouldn’t be a proper horror prop display without plenty of fake blood. Our resident blood spatter expert, Patrick, was happy to oblige, staining the base with glossy, gory faux blood in drips and splatter!

To complete this cohesive display, a finishing touch was a custom printed title plaque. Not shown, but also created for this project, was a large sized custom acrylic display case that fit over all of the pieces and sat neatly in the lip we created around the spattered faux metal display stand.

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