Sir Didymus Labyrinth Puppet Movie Prop Restoration

A rare Sir Didymus Labyrinth movie prop from the 1986 Jim Henson classic, Labyrinth, starring David Bowie.

As huge Jim Henson fans, we were thrilled when this original Sir Didymus Labyrinth puppet arrived at our studio. Props from the Henson classic are incredibly rare, and a main character puppet like this is nearly unheard of in private movie memorabilia collections.  The foam latex of this movie prop puppet head had a few areas of concern including his mouth, his eyes and his nose, including the bridge of the nose. Our restoration began by stabilizing the damaged foam latex in those areas.  The next step in this movie prop conservation was to carefully rebuild the damaged foam latex of his lips and eyelids using archival materials.  The teeth, snout and nose of the prop were also repaired.  We made sure that all of our patches blended beautifully and maintained the vintage, aged look of the remaining original material.  A particular challenge was matching the look of the flocking used on much of the puppet’s skin.

We are always cautious to keep props as original as possible and we make all repairs visually consistent with the age of the piece. Our goal is not a result that looks “brand new” (the way a replica might look) but to gently bring a piece of Hollywood history back to life… to make it look “great for its age.”  If you’re a movie memorabilia collector in need of movie prop restoration for foam latex masks, puppets or even whole creatures or costumes, our company is the trusted source for this work.  Let us bring your aging collectible props back to life!

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