Spawn Mask Original Movie Prop Restoration

Our restoration and display of an original Spawn mask from the 1997 comic book movie!

Below the Spawn mask in the Todd MacFarlane movie lived Al Simmons and his burned “Hamburger Head” (as the comic book referred to him).  This Spawn mask is a foam latex prosthetic that was worn by Michael Jai White in the 1997 movie.  We received the prosthetic and a bust of the actor for restoration.  We created a fully finished bust of the original movie mask for our client.  Mike Thomas’ was the lead artist on this restoration. We repaired the large split in the bib as well as a few other minor tears. At the client’s request, custom glass eyes were added to complete the look and bring Al Simmons back to life.

If you’re a film memorabilia collector in need of movie prop restoration for foam latex masks, puppets or even whole creatures or costumes, our company is the trusted source for this work.  Our team is experienced and focused, with the skill of an FX shop and the care of a museum conservator.  Let us bring your valuable, aging collectible props back to life!

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