Gremlins 1 Movie Prop Puppet Restoration

Rare Gremlins 1 movie prop puppet from the original 1984 film.

This Gremlins 1 movie prop puppet is from the original, Joe Dante classic movie. A poly foam and foam latex hand puppet, this prop is intricately detailed and full of life and style. The first movie Gremlin puppets are smaller and with a different sculpt from the much more common sequel props from Gremlins 2: The New Batch. We’ve had the great fortune to preserve many of the original puppet props from both films, and it’s always an honor to help conserve the history of these fun films!

Like many original Gremlins props, this puppet’s head separated from the foam rubber body some time after the production. The monster’s hands were crossed on his belly for years and became stuck to each other and the body. TSD artist Ricky Vitus was the lead on this project, starting with conservation and support. With careful archival patches made to the interior of the puppet, the head was re-attached. Internal supports were added to each ear, to help them keep their shape over time and keep gravity at bay.  An internal support was crafted to hold the weight of the body and head independently and help preserve the piece over time. The hands were separated and reposed.

Once supported, Ricky worked to preserve the existing foam material, putting as much original material back into place as possible. For any missing areas, new textures were created using archival materials. Keeping the piece as original as possible, the repairs were in-painted to seamlessly blend with the original material. As always, our paint work was strictly limited to the areas we repaired, keeping as much screen used material intact and untouched as possible.

We’re all huge Gremlins fans, and we love the style and charm of the Chris Walas puppets from the classic 1984 original film!

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