Gremlins 2 Movie Prop Restoration and Hatching Display

This screen used Gremlins 2 movie prop is an oversized proto-gremlin used for close ups of Gremlins hatching.

The Gremlins 2 movie prop puppet was made to look like it was growing in a bubble on the back of another gremlin after the creature had gotten wet.  Everyone knows the three rules: No bright light, never get them wet, and never, ever feed them after midnight!

The brown foam latex and poly foam gremlin arrived in fair condition but still needed some light restoration and paint touch ups to get him back to his original film condition. After restoring the puppet, we created a custom domed display which featured  custom padded supports to keep any stress off of the prop.  We painted the dome to match the look of the bubbles that popped up on the backs of gremlins when they got wet in the 1990 sequel, “the New Batch.”

The display of this Gremlins 2 movie prop also featured a themed, carved styrofoam frame to simulate the scaly brown skin of another gremlin!  The foam was coated for texture and painted in the spotted pattern seen on the movie puppet’s skin.  The finished movie prop display is large, at nearly 30″x30″ and very impressive up close!  We love coming up with themed displays that give props context and instantly remind collectors of the scenes their prized film memorabilia were used in on screen!

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