Gremlins Movie Prop Helmet Puppet Restoration & Display

Minor restoration and display of an original Gremlins movie prop from the 1990 sequel,Gremlins 2 The New Batch.

These Gremlins movie prop “helmet puppets” were used to enable the on set puppeteers to handle three puppets at once during filming!  This was a trick used by FX artist’s Chris Walas on Gremlins (1984) and again by Rick Baker’s Cinovation Studios in the sequel, The New Batch.

The green gremlin puppet was in fair condition, and only required minor conservation work.  The client requested a themed display base.  We took inspiration form the fictional Clamp Enterprises from the movie.  We envisioned and then built a base reminiscent of the top of a New York City skyscraper, featuring the fictional company’s logo in faux metal.

A custom head shaped stand not only helped to carefully display the slightly irregular shaped puppet but also gives a glipmse into how the puppet was used on set during the production. The display base allowed the gremlin’s hands to hang freely without putting any pressure on the delicate foam latex.  The finished display was covered in a custom acrylic display case.

Our company is the trusted source for movie prop restoration and conservation.  We’ve restored a large number of original Gremlins puppets as well as foam latex props, masks and even giant creature costumes.  If you’re reading this page, they’re likely ones from many of your favorite films!  We’re the go-to place for conservation, restoration and custom displays for valuable original movie props and costumes.  Drop us a line and find out why so many collectors won’t trust anyone else!

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