Jeepers Creepers Justin Long Restoration

When your job is movie prop restoration, you don’t usually get to work with actors, however, with this Jeepers Creepers Justin Long repair, we did!

This Jeepers Creepers Justin Long body is a life-sized fiberglass prop of the famed actor (and Apple pitch man!) from the climax of the original horror cult classic, Jeepers Creepers (2001).   We restored this life-sized movie prop after it sustained damage in shipping.

The Justin Long body was made from a mix of foam and fiberglass resin, and sadly, both legs were severely damaged in a shipping mishap.  Both of the prop’s legs needed to be reattached and touched up so that you could never tell that they were damaged in the first place. With our movie prop restoration work, sometimes that means we repair deterioration (like a foam latex mask or creature puppet that’s aged) or sometimes we reverse post production damage, like in the case with this prop.

Essentially a statue of Justin Long, the movie prop came to us with an ill-fitting hairpiece that was clearly not what was used on screen.  Our client asked us to add hair to the piece and used a mix of synthetic and natural fibers, hand-laid into place a little at a time.  This completed the head and give him an even more realistic look.  One other request of the client was one of modesty… we added a pair of underwear to the figure, marked on the band with his character’s name – Darius Jenner.  To complete our movie prop restoration project, we created a “hanging” display which evoked the terrifying end of the movie.

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