Friday the 13th Part 3 Prop Axe Display

A custom themed display for a screen used prop axe from Friday the 13th Part 3

You would think by the 3rd film these teens would learn that Crystal Lake is a terrible vacation spot!  When the teens arrive to the cabin, Shelly, the group jokester, decides to pull a prank where he falls out of a closet pretending to have been killed with an small axe or hatchet. This doesn’t go over well with the group but makes for a fun jump scare. It also gave us this prop axe which is probably the only prop in the classic 3D slasher film that no one is actually killed with.

The axe prop was in really good shape but since the top of it was built around a headband so it could easily slide on to the actor’s head we wanted to create a display stand that would support not only that but the handle as well. A stand like that is not something you are able to find in any store, which is one of the reasons we prefer to create custom pieces. In this case, a custom metal support was welded by our in-house welding and fabrication artist, Pierre Briel. This way we can ensure a proper fit and support for these very uncommon shaped pieces.

The customer requested a themed display, so for the base, we decided to go with a wooden look which was distressed to give it the feel of an old, spooky lakeside cabin. Patrick Louie distressed the wood used in the display using numerous techniques and several layers of paint. Strangely enough it can actually be a fairly involved process to get brand-new wood to look as though it has not been touched in years!  We added a custom metal printed plaque featuring the film’s logo and a screen shot from the scene in the movie. And what Friday the 13th prop display would be complete with out a little bit of fake blood splatter? 

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Jason Voorhees stalks a group of friends spending the weekend at a cabin near Crystal Lake.

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