Alien Warrior Head Movie Prop Restoration & Display

An original Alien warrior head prop from the 2004 sci-fi thriller AVP: Alien vs. Predator.

This Alien warrior head mask arrived in our New York studio with some damage and deterioration.  The movie prop was carefully restored by our team of artists. First the skin was sealed to hold any flaking paint in place, and then we very carefully patched any of the more obvious damage, being cautious to maintain as much original material as possible

We addressed any cracks or tears to gently bring the foam latex and fiberglass Alien costume piece back to its former glory. Most of the damage was focused around the alien mask’s mouth area.  Both the top lip and lower needed to be rebuilt to hide the now exposed wire which gave them their shape.

Once all of the repairs had been made, the small patches were then carefully paint matched.  This made the repairs virtually invisible. As always, we only painted the repairs themselves, keeping all studio paint intact and the movie prop in its most screen used condition as possible.  In order to keep the focus on the wonderful Alien prop, we created a sleek, supportive custom display base with a plaque for our client on this project.

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