Farscape Scarran Mask Movie Prop Restoration

Our work restoring and displaying an original Farscape Scarran foam latex prop mask from the finale of the TV series, Peacekeeper Wars.

In addition to our work restoring the foam latex skin of this prop mask, the client requested a custom head form for his Farscape Scarran and asked us to add glass eyes to help display his mask on a mannequin with the original wardrobe.  The imaginative creature and alien costumes done by our friends Dave and Lou Elsey and their team for this Jim Henson Company production is an inspiration at our studio.

We restored the foam latex of this television prop mask in several areas that were gouged by filling in those areas with an archival compound.  We then in-painted those areas with targeted paint to make the repairs invisible.  After that, we reattached the mohawk costume element that had torn loose from the top of the mask’s head. The Farscape Scarran mask was then mounted to a custom foam head form and added a glass eye insert with sculpted latex eyelids to make it look like an actor is wearing the mask when it’s on our client’s custom mannequin.

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