MIB Dog Poop Alien Custom Mannequin

Our custom display for an MIB Dog Poop Alien, one of the more comical aliens from Men in Black 2.

Our client won the mask and hands of the MIB Dog Poop Alien from Prop Store’s Rick Baker auction. He wanted to use his newly acquired pieces in a unique life size statue of the character!  While it may seem having just a mask and hands might make that a challenge, this is the sort of thing we specialize in.  Both the mask and hands were in great condition when they arrived to our studio. We mounted the foam latex alien face appliances to the rigid foam life cast of actor Sonny Tipton. What better way to support the mask than on the face the mask was created for? We also sealed the foam to help with preservation but no other repairs were necessary.

We then added lifelike acrylic eyes and Casey Wong sculpted new eyelids to blend the acrylic eyes into the mask and bring this character to life. The new sculpted material was carefully painted to match the surrounding material for a seamless transition.  Using stills and photos from the Men in Black 2, we located vintage and new matching clothing pieces to recreate his movie costume. All of the pieces were then heavily distressed to match the Dog Poop alien’s on screen look. We finished this custom mannequin off with a sleek, round white base which echoed the 1960’s space aged look of the Men in Black head quarters, and the decorations on the MIB HQ walls in particular.

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