Star Trek Nemesis Reman Movie Prop Mask Restoration

Restoring and Displaying an original Star Trek Nemesis Reman foam latex prosthetic mask.

Our client sent us a set of foam latex Reman appliances from used in one of the later Star Trek, The Next Generation movies. We lightly restored this Star Trek Nemesis Reman “mask” and mounted it to a custom head form to better support the prop over time.  We gently repaired and sealed the foam latex skin of the cowl and face prosthetics, and created a custom mannequin head with glass eyes for a more dynamic display.

Restoring and preserving screen used original television and movie props as well as foam latex masks and costumes is a painstaking process.  Our approach emphasizes maintaining the integrity of the original and wherever possible preserving the original “feel” of the piece and evidence of age and use in a production. The ears on the piece are a urethane material and were left in their original state, however, the client did specifically request we add custom glass eyes, made by our good friends over at Van Dykes Taxidermy, which do really give the mask some character.

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