Star Trek Wrath of Khan Mask

Restoration and custom display of a screen worn Wrath of Khan mask

“This is Ceti Alpha V!” A classic moment from what most consider the greatest Star Trek film ever. Years after he was abandoned there by Captain Kirk, Khan and his crew have had to adjust their wardrobe a bit, and each wore menacing head-dresses.  This Wrath of Khan Mask was worn by one of Khan’s henchman in the 1982 Star Trek sequel.

It arrived in our NY studio in need of a little bit of TLC. The foam material around the visor had begun to crack and some of the broken pieces had come loose. We catalogued the pieces to make sure that we knew exactly where the pieces came from prior to starting any work. It’s always a bit of a challenge to “put the puzzle back together” during restoration of original movie props and costumes. Keeping track of pieces early on is always a help to that process.

Once all of the pieces had been repaired and reattached the repairs were painted to match the surrounding material. To help prevent further damage we created a simple but very helpful display stand. The stand allows the material to naturally hang and drape nicely. It also helps by keeping the fabric where it should be and not getting tangled or pulling on the delicate visor material.

If you liked this display, check out our other Star Trek costume and prop restoration and display work. We’re always happy to revisit the final frontier and help keep these pieces of television and movie history around for the future!

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