Star Wars Battle Droid Maquette Display

“Roger, Roger” A custom display for a reassembled B1 battle droid maquette from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Although the battle droid army seen in the movie were ultimately created using computer generated graphics,  ILM  designed and built scaled maquettes to give the computer animators a reference to help create the CGI droids. This production made, yet unassembled  battle droid maquette prop arrived to our NY studio is several pieces, much like a model car would. Our studio was asked to repair assemble the model parts to resemble its on screen counterpart as well as create a custom display for the unique movie prop.

Lead artist for this project Patrick Louie began by using several references to map out where each piece went and how they would attach to each other. Once he figured out how the pieces all went to gather he began to reassemble the droid into a full figure model. The model actually came with a few spare pieces and we set those aside for the display, as they’re also bits of the history of this film’s production.

While Pat was reassembling the droid we began work on his base, custom acrylic display cover and plaque. Our client wanted to go with something more museum style so we chose a black lamitate base with a lip to keep the custom acrylic case in place. To give the piece a bit more context we printed a photo from the film of all of the droids in action. We finished the prop’s display base off with a custom printed metal plaque.  If you need a standard display case, you can always visit our Acrylic Display Cases for Sale page. Or for custom work…

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