Rocketeer Maquette Statue Display

A custom themed display base for a production made Rocketeer maquette

This Rocketeer maquette is a static model created by Industrial Light & Magic for the film’s production. Though it was a small scale model he definitely was a stunning piece with a lot of presence. Since he was smaller we were able to go with a larger themed base than we might on a life-sized statue (where a base like this might require a really tall ceiling! We drew our inspiration for the design of the base from that classic, iconic image of the Rocketeer on top of the Griffith Observatory, in front of the American flag, about to chase a Nazi zeppelin! This same moment from the adventure film was what we used as inspiration for our first life size Rocketeer costume display several years back.

The base was designed to mimic the art-deco styling of the tower atop the Griffith Observatory. In the movie, Cliff pauses for a patriotic moment in front the flag, before flying off to his destiny. The stacked octagon base was created of several different sizes and layers of wood. We then added  several wooden disks around the center area to create a deco detailing around the perimeter. Everything was then given a faux stone texture. The texture combined with the multiple paint treatments created the realistic sandstone finish, complete with aging and staining for added realism.

For the finishing touches we added an appropriately proportioned American flag and one of our custom sized acrylic display cases, made to fit perfectly over top. We’re so glad we had the chance to work with another great piece of movie history from one of our favorite films!

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