Star Wars Gorg Movie Props Restoration & Display

A pair of screen used Star Wars Gorg movie props from The Phantom Menace.

These Star Wars Gorg movie props were featured in Episode I, the Phantom Menace in the scene where the infamous Jar Jar Binks attempts to grab one from a Mos Espa market booth for free.  The foam latex alien “snacks” are about 24″ long and came to our studio in very good condition.  Each needed some very minor patching and a generous layer of sealer to help slow the hands of time.  We conserved the two props, and then moved towards making a very cool display for them.

Our client wanted a way to display these Star Wars props with a bit of theming that felt like the Tatooine market location where they were used in the film.  We came up with the idea of a two tiered “grill” or oven.  We figure this must be how desert aliens cook their Gorgs!  We specialize in unique, made-to-order solutions like custom themed displays to assist in the presentation and preservation of difficult to display items like original movie props, which is exactly what this client was looking for.  The “grill” was created with hand carved foam, coated for texture and durability and detailed with “greeblies” and lots of weathering in the paint, to capture the classic Star Wars prop feel.

 The custom base features indents on each level. The indents are hand carved and shaped to cradle each of the Gorg movie props and is lined with fabric to keep the foam latex props from touching the painted surfaces.  A custom, metal plaque with full color printing completes this Star Wars display!

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