Jason X Glove Prop Conservation

Evil gets an upgrade! A Jason X Glove Prop Conservation from the 10th Friday the 13th movie!

From Kane Hodder’s final turn as Jason, this Uber Jason glove had taken a little damage over the years. Nearly all of the fingers of the Jason X glove had come separated, and one of them was missing a finger tip section. This specific type of urethane rubber, along with the metallic paint make it difficult to make repairs disappear. Sometimes the material can limit our restoration options,  so we have to work with the material to come up with something that preserves the movie props and displays well.

With a direction of conservation and improved display from our client, we created a custom insert which fit the hand well. The insert not only helped to create a clean looking display for the glove, but will help support the rubber prop over the years.  We mounted the pieces back in their original positions much like a puzzle so that it would give the appearance of one full glove without changing any of the original material.

We sculpted and cast a recreation of the missing fingertip. With several layers of spray and airbrush paint, we painted it to match the silver and purply/blue tones of the rest of the Uber Jason glove. We finished the minimal display with a custom designed and printed metal plaque on a small stand, to allow our client to proudly showcase this bit of Friday the 13th movie history.

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