Magic Island Stone Giant Stop Motion Puppet Restoration

The Magic Island Stone Giant – An incredible stop motion puppet, created by Joel Fletcher for the 1995 fantasy adventure film.

The Magic Island Stone Giant was created as a sleeping guardian for the cave containing the treasure until Zachery Ty Bryan’s character, Jack, awakens the beast. The sequence was filmed using the techniques developed by Ray Harryhausen, the legendary stop motion pioneer whose many credits include Mighty Joe Young (1949), and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958).

The condition of the prop puppet on arrival was poor, with several areas damaged and crumbling. We were able to reassemble some of the larger pieces that had fallen off of the movie prop much like a jigsaw puzzle. Any areas that were missing “skin” were carefully resculpted to match Fletcher’s original sculpture. The repaired areas were then individually painted to create a seamless transition between the original materials and the new repairs.  As always we “in painted” the repairs, which is the method used by museum conservators where you keep all paint within the confines of the new patches, making sure to keep any original, screen used paint untouched and the prop as original as possible.

To see the full sequence or learn more about how the puppet scene was created check out Joel Fletcher’s website

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